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Under construction Training Building of Civil Aviation Academy of Nepal has been sealed

The Training Building for Air Traffic Controller (ATC) of Civil Aviation Academy of Nepal, situated at Madhyapur Thimi-2, Gathaghar was under construction without taking permission from and without giving any information to Madhyapur Thimi Municipality and ignoring the rights of Local Government.

The under construction building has been sealed by Madhyapur Thimi Municipality under the presence of Mayor, Er. Madan Sundar Shrestha, Deputy Mayor, Mrs. Anjana Devi Madhikarmi, Chief Administrative Officer, Mr. Kamal Jnawali, Legal Officer, Mr. Keshab SIlwal, Ward Head of Ward No. 2, Mr. Ram Thapa, Ward Head of Ward No. 3, Mr. Prem Kutu, other representatives and Municipality staffs.